"Mental performance is one of the key performance skills in business. Organisations who consistently improve the mental performance and capabilities of their employees will be the leaders in the 21st Century. Those that do not will be left behind, sometimes without even being aware of it …"

Sean M Kelly is a leading international expert on the mind and its potential Sean M Kelly has over twenty years experience training organisations how to improve their performance by learning how to use more of their minds infinite potential.

With over 25 years leading training courses globally his clients include PwC, KPMG, SES Astra, the European Investment Bank, the European Commission, Clearstream, Microsoft and Deutsche Borse Group. Sean specializes in teaching organizations and individuals how to use more of the mind's infinite potential. Sean has an honours degree in Science (mathematics and physics), is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and a certified Search Inside Yourself trainer. He has competed in the World Memory Championship, has been ranked in the top 10 in the world, is an accomplished musician, Ironman triathlete and has authored a number of books. He is very passionate about inspiring people to follow their heartfelt dreams including facilitating inspirational retreats in his native Ireland.


Sean M Kelly