How to Live Forever by Sean M Kelly

Want to explore something that could significantly change how you age?

Close your eyes for a few moments and visualise what you will look like when you’re 70 years of age (or older if you’re already 70). Just trust me for a minute and give it a go and notice what you see.

In 1996 I was in Hawaii at a Tony Robbins conference and this guy got up on stage and asked us to do the above visualisation. I was 32 at the time and saw an image of my Gran  Aunt who had just died in her 90′s!!! So I needed to change what I was seeing fast!

Then this guy who was in amazing shape and looked like he was in his 50′s, to my amazement said – “I’m 70 and whatever you were seeing is quite likely what you’ll look like at 70!”

Well last week while on holidays I picked up a copy of Time magazine (issue April 25, 2011) with an article entitled “Live Forever”.

It’s an interesting article about people in the US who are exercising well into their 70′s and a program called “Cenegenics a unique and balanced combination of nutrition, exercise and hormone optimization”.

As well as cenegenics it seemed to me it’s a lot about attitude. These people called “Amortals” (which means people who live agelessly) “rarely ask themselves if their behaviour is age-appropriate, because that concept has little meaning for them. They don’t structure their lives around the inevitability of death, because they choose to ignore it. Instead they continue to chase aspirations”

Meryl Streep and Woody Allen are both mentioned as examples of amortals but what really blew my mind was the picture of this guy, Dr Jeffry Life, he’s 72!!!

Now unless someone’s been messing around with digital images and been putting a 72 year olds head on a 20 somethings body this guy is in seriously good shape! So let’s keep visualising!!!

But alas, unfortunately this guy and his wisdom were a bit late for some of us:

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